Brought to Earth by Birth
Photos by Harriette Hartigan


Brought to Earth by Birth

Brought to Earth by Birth. Harriette Hartigan, Author.
2008. Motherbaby Press. ISBN 978-1-890446-42-0
93 pages, paperback, $19.95




Witness again the miracle of pregnancy and birth, and the ancient wisdom of life. Harriette Hartigan, midwife, writer and birth photographer of 35 years, masterfully weaves words and images together in this eloquent black and white photo essay. Feel the grace, love and courage of women, and the presence of miraculous beings they bring to Earth.

Experience the profound power of family, from the devotion of fathers, to the curiosity of siblings, and the joy of becoming a grandparent. You will laugh, cry and celebrate life all over again.

Brought to Earth by Birth is a perfect gift to affirm the epic experience of birth.

“Beauty. Courage. Strength. Love. Nobility.  ~  Life Coming To Earth Through Woman.”

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